Chinese New Year

I have always favored Chinese New Year over its western counterpart.  Perhaps it’s the fond childhood memory of hoarding red envelopes.  Or the wonderful smell of comfort food.  Or possibly the thousands of years of poetry dedicated to celebrating the advent of another year, often embodied in spring scrolls.  Whatever it is, I have decided that this will be a new beginning for me – this will be the year that I learn how to post photos in a slideshow format to my blog, use RSS feed, backup all my photos, and most importantly, develop the discipline to write new entries on a regular basis.  In large part, I was inspired by cousin CS, whose blogs I devour on a regular basis.  It has been so much fun to keep up with what all my favorite relatives are up to via her blog, in addition to all the MSN marathon chat sessions with JL, Cheerful, Bu and Hui.  In any event, I am very excited about going down to LA this weekend to pre-celebrate the new year.


3 thoughts on “Chinese New Year

  1. Chinese New Year OR “Lunar” new year (as JL likes to call it) is never long enough… had too much food…. too much sleep…. too little time to finish all the fun 🙂

    It’s now time to go on a seriou major diet.

  2. yes, no more CNY, it’s official–LNY from now on. But yes, whatever it’s called, we had loads of fun as all of us went nuts with wii…. we cried (mostly from laughing too hard), we laughed and it was better than Cats.

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