The Grand Opening

Front View of Clinic3 Chen SistersThe Spread and the Beautiful Flowers

Saturday was 3rd Aunt’s grand opening soiree for her new clinic, “Best Nature & Life.”  It was the culmination of her years of feverish hard work and unbelievable discipline, and all of us were so excited to be part of this momentous occasion.  AK and I flew down on Friday night in time for the late night workshop on site – 3rd Aunt, Mom, AK, Hui and I set up the party platters, tablecloths and stuffed about 100 gift favor bags, each with a keychain of charms of the 5 Beijing Olympics dolls.  In true Chen Sister style, the amount of food bought for the occasion was overflowing – let’s just say that no one will leave hungry, with the endless trays of coffee cakes, fruit pies, egg tarts, cookies, dried fruits, “Energy 99” snack bars and other yummies.   

The morning of the event was like several full continuous hours of amateur Iron Chef.  We split up into two teams to speed up the tasks – Mom and I finished dying the hard-boiled eggs and rushed to the two bakeries for the pickups, while AK and Hui picked up all the ingredients for the chocolate fountain (skewers, strawberries, bananas, pretzels, graham crackers, etc.) and chopped them up in the kitchen.  Despite the last minute flurry of activities, the party was a huge success!  Even the chocolate fountain worked (it was a total disaster last time we tried) – in fact, it was quite a hit at the party.  There were a few fans who were almost permanently stationed around it (I won’t name names, but one of them has the initials “EC”).  In addition to all the photos we took the night before and the day of, Bin and AK also took turns filming the event.  Let’s hope one day there will be a nicely edited video to commemorate the event.  In the mean time, photos can be found by visiting my Flickr site by clicking on any of the photos shown on the right side bar (look for the set entitled “Grand Opening Feb 2008”). 


4 thoughts on “The Grand Opening

  1. Actually, F1 videotaped a good chunk of the event, so we have to give credit when due. 3rd Aunt had asked AK as a backup but in the end they took turns. I think he left before I was able to take any photos of him.

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