Mr. Tivo

Ever since AK and I resigned from our jobs at large corporate law firms, we have been able to come home at more regular times.  The unforeseen effect of all this extra freedom is that we end up trying to relax in front of the TV together, but often cannot agree on the show to watch.  Our tastes cannot be more different – while he is more of a 24, Prison Break and Battlestar Galactica fan (theme: action, violence and sci-fi), I love Gossip Girl, Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives (theme: high school drama, family story and soap opera).  Even though we have another TV, only the main one is hooked up to our beloved Mr. Tivo. (Besides, I am a believer in shared family time.)  This problem is further exacerbated by the recent writers’ strike, as we were dangerously close to running out of episodes of the common shows we watch, such as Heroes, Lost and Boston Legal (where is our favorite show Entourage when you need it?!).

Since I have the house to myself this week with AK’s business trip to Wisconsin (current temperature there is 13° F, which is -10°C, plus wind chill…poor guy, he’s sick too), I thought I could finally have Mr. Tivo all to myself.  Obviously, I knew that I would miss his presence, but my mind also conjured up images of quiet evenings sipping cups of tea, watching the 3-hours’ Grammys show completely uninterrupted and catching up on reading.  Just like I used to do when I was single.

The last couple of days ended up being somewhat…what’s the word here…lonely?  The house is so quiet that every crackling of a twig outside jolts me out of my chair.  More than half the walls in the living room/dining room area are floor-to-ceiling glass windows, so I also have to try very hard to reign in my runaway imagination (aren’t all horror films set in these types of homes?).  So, in the end, the house just ended up being very empty, and no amount of sound, not even Mr. Tivo, could fill the silence (believe me, Mr. Tivo has been working mucho overtime).  I guess the old adage that you don’t appreciate something until it’s gone is true.  Can’t wait for AK’s safe return!


4 thoughts on “Mr. Tivo

  1. We have three TVs too. Not sure when Entourage is coming back – we got cheap and cancelled HBO. 😦 Gotta wait for the videos now.

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