Happy Valentine’s Day

(“Tuxedo” chocolate-covered strawberries from Shari’s Berries.)

Do something nice for someone special to you (even if it’s not your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife).  But don’t buy into the commercial hype!  (Despite the sluggish U.S. economy, total outlay in the U.S. for this occasion is $17 billion.)


8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. 謝謝妳的提醒。Do something nice for someone special to you ,很棒!
    老公說:「有什麼計畫嗎?」 巧巧說:「原燒!」
    好吧!只怪我自己沒有Do something nice to him! Ha!

  2. Dear CS – Haha, I can imagine that to be our life when we have been married for as long as you have. We are already skipping those very expensive “special” Valentine’s dinners (usually “special” just means same food, but more expensive) and choosing to stay home. I did get AK a fancy box of chocolates though!

    But the beauty of getting married is to have many many “nice” days with the person you choose, right? 🙂

  3. 「婚姻」和「戀愛」的確不同,而我們要珍惜許多看似平常平凡的幸福。

  4. Hello! Can I just share the little message Edward wrote to me (because I’m so cheesy)?
    “To the one I love,
    I give thanks today,
    for all my yesterdays,
    because they led me to you.”

    Isn’t that very sweet? We didn’t exchange gifts though he was smart/thrifty enough to buy roses the night before, and we ate at a nice French restaurant. It’s the same one we went to one make-up Valentine’s Day date when we were only dating, brought back memories.

    Chi-Shao, I think it’s hard when we’re young to understand that love is more decisions than feelings. Many days you may not “feel” in love but you “decide” to love, but since your student is not married, it’s not a big deal. But of course, people also get divorced because the feeling is no longer there.

  5. My heart still beats everyday… so…. can’t believe you let ES get away with a poem that does not rhyme. But I guess it’s the thought that counts. =) At our household, everyday is a V day — it was cold… I did buy flowers for her birthday. Did that count?

  6. JL – Here the response that you are looking for (your comment was not even directed at me!). I think you should buy flowers more often for Cheerful. 🙂

    Ms. Lin – I love those strawberries too!

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