Night of the Oscars – Part II (and 小叮噹)

I was too absorbed in my cheese fantasies last night to write about the actual Oscars party.  It was intended to be a low-key get-together originally suggested by E and Miss G (aka Coco).  Since AK and I have eaten countless meals of succulent BBQ meats over at the Raggedies during football season (the men support different teams of course – AK bleeds red and gold for the Redskins, and Mr. Raggedy is a die-hard Cowboys fan), we thought it was due time to invite the whole clan over, including their two adorable kids, Fairy Princess M (for her most memorable pink Halloween outfit handmade by Mrs. Raggedy – who knew that motherhood could bestow such handy sewing skills?) and Dinosaur P (for his favorite animal and the furry green Triceratops Easter basket he is known to wear on his head from time to time).

While Princess M quietly drew pictures with her markers (later presented to me as gifts – such a gracious guest), Dinosaur P was searching for ways to get his hands on more cheese (hey, I’m not the only person who was enamored).  His mom had already put the kibosh on his cheese consumption, but the clever little tike came over to me (as hostess, my power to dispense food must have been clear to him), looked up with his puppy eyes and a sheepish grin, and started climbing all over me, softly chanting “crackers…crackers…crackers” (in his mind, crackers = cheese).  The power of manipulation is already strong with this one. 


One interesting conversation topic that came up during the event was this:  What is your favorite Doraemon (小叮噹) gadget?”  The discussion started when Coco saw my miniature collection on the bookshelf (see photo above).  Everyone wanted different things:  me, the “anywhere door” (任意門) and the “memory bread” (背書麵包); E, the time machine (時光機); and Coco, both the “anywhere door” (任意門) and the “bamboo dragonfly”/propeller (竹蜻蜓).  I wonder what our choices say about us?  

It’s actually quite incredible how much influence this mechanical cat from the future has on anyone who grew up in Taiwan during the 70s and 80s (before 小叮噹 became 哆來A夢).  It was 小叮噹 who first introduced me to the great plains of the Serengeti (「嘩,一望無際的非洲大草原!」), the idea that there exists a place in the world where you get 360 degrees of the horizon (地平線) as far as your eyes can see.  Decades later, this fantastical idea, first planted into my head when I was probably only 7 or 8, became a reality and became both my post-Bar trip (the trip that all to-be lawyers take after studying for the intensive bar exam) and my honeymoon trip.   Thank you, 小叮噹, for expanding my world!


10 thoughts on “Night of the Oscars – Part II (and 小叮噹)

  1. All this stuff went on without my knowledge, I must have been really out of it, i.e., asleep or oblivious. Dino P is getting pretty good at those jedi mind tricks. I’ll need to study up and learn how to maximize my cheese from CM!

    Small correction to note, the Redskins colors are burgundy and gold, not red and gold. The new head coach Jim Zorn should also take note of this in case he is reading, since at his press conference announcing him as head coach, he proclaimed his excitement that his family had to be adorned in the maroon and black. CM knows her skins stuff a lot better that z-man…

    Also, Doraemon has significance to me even though I didn’t grow up reading his cartoons. Let’s just say he was my ultimate wing-man, or should I say, wing-animal, in paving the way for CM and I to get married. Talk about a jedi mind trick! Note that this particular Daraemon to which I refer is not pictured in the photo and is much larger than the ones in the cat family pictured above.

  2. Naturally I have a hard time embracing the Redskins colors because it reminds me of another team’s color…the team-who-must-not-be-named…sorry AK

  3. Funny my 2 favorite Doraemon gadgets would be the same as CM, does that mean that we are always looking for shortcuts? I often dream of the 任意門 while running late to appointments.

  4. 沒想到妳是阿布的同好!

  5. Looks like 任意門 (“anywhere door”) is a popular choice!

    CS – I remember all the cartoons we used to watch as a kid:
    *小甜甜 – who can forget when “Antony” died? (ooh, hope I’m not spoiling this for anyone else)

    *北海小英雄 – I love the pirate stories! And then there something about the wriggling of his nose…or was that Bewitched?

    *小英的故事 – Not much memory of this, other than one of the villains was named “Little Skinny.”

    *龍龍與忠狗 – ???? I may have been too young!

    Other ones I remember I liked were 無敵鐵金剛,星星王子,太空突擊隊 and 花仙子. Oh yeah, and I really loved 海王子!

  6. Oh yeah, as AK referenced, there is also a “special” Doraemon in our house that is not pictured who helped with our engagement. Will post a photo of him some day… 🙂

  7. Ms. Bumblebee – I can’t believe you are spoiling “小甜甜” for generations of kids who have yet to watch/read it! J/K! 🙂 Ah, memories of all these great cartoons when we were young. I remember really liking 科學小飛俠 too (don’t know if anyone remembers that) and was really sad when ??? died (I’m not going to spoil it for others…) I still would pick Doraemon’s Time Machine over anything else – it would be so fascinating to be able to travel through time! And as we discussed last night, I do think the ending to the Doraemon series is one of the most well-done ones ever!

  8. E: Yes, I was a huge fan of 科學小飛俠 too! Totally forgot about that (but no idea who died – don’t tell me!). Ah, the fond memories of childhood. 🙂

    Hui: Doraemon had a great ending. Let me know when you are ready to hear it. Both E and I were tearing up when we were discussing it!

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