4/18/08 When the Cat is Away, The Mice Will Play

My boss was on vacation for most of the week, so on Friday the Gang decided to finally visit Fraiche, the new frozen yogurt place in Palo Alto (since it is a bit of a drive, we have not been able to find time collectively to visit).  After parking, we walked by Mantra, a contemporary Californian-Indian restaurant, and on my recommendation decided to give it a try.  The food was as delicious as I remembered!  I had the lamb sandwich, which came with grilled onions and was wrapped in naan bread – I don’t know what they do to the naan bread, but it was the best naan I have had in a long time!  It was buttery and fluffy, with many layers of chewy divine taste.  The lamb was tender, juicy and flavored with spices, and even the simple side salad was delicious, with the fresh vegetables drizzled with light vinaigrette dressing.  Everyone was very happy with their dishes.  No wonder this place was San Francisco Chronicle’s Top 100 Restaurants of 2007!  The best part about the meal was that it didn’t feel heavy, as sometimes you might after having good Indian food (e.g., Amber India).  Highly recommended!

Afterwards, we walked down the street to Fraiche.  I had told AK that I would have only two desserts per week, and as I was already very close to my quota, I only got the junior size in natural flavor with two toppings, strawberries and kiwi (even though getting the regular with two toppings was about the same price).  It was actually much better than I remembered!  In fact, I might even prefer this to Harmony in San Carlos.  The frozen yogurt had a silky texture and full “milk” flavor.  My only comment is that it is not as tart as Pinkberry, the standard by which all other frozen yogurts are measured.  My two co-workers who are newcomers to the frozen yogurt scene were very impressed and could not wait to bring their families to Fraiche, which is always a good sign.

The whole outing ended up taking close to 2 hours, but it was such a needed relief from the daily grind.  The mice were very happy!


4 thoughts on “4/18/08 When the Cat is Away, The Mice Will Play

  1. Ya, it’s hard to compare to Pinkberry, I recently had Yogurberry and it was decent but it’s not so good that I would craze it like Pinkberry. This is why people call Pinkberry, Crackberry…something that makes you wanna go back again and again.

  2. Maybe I’ll have to give Mantra a try. I just wasn’t very impressed with their service since that first time we went, even though I thought their food was good – but not good enough to overcome rude service! I guess you are more forgiving than I am. 🙂 I think Jubili in the city is pretty good, even though I know both you and my sister still prefer Pinkberry. I can’t wait until Yogurtland opens!!

  3. Mantra was delicious! Our server probably got fired after Sid told the owner about him. We actually got really good service, and the owner came by several times to check on us. Anyway, maybe you can give them another try one of these days.

    Pinkberry rules!!!

    P.S. Did you know that Yul Kwon (of Survivor fame) tried to open up a Red Mango franchise in North Beach? His permit just got pulled recently:


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