Peru Here We Come!

There have not been any posts for a while now due to the fact that AK and I have been preparing for our trip to Peru (5/15/08-5/25/08), which includes a 4-day trek on the very rigorous Inca Trail at high altitude (i.e., low oxygen level) to Macchu Picchu and a visit to the Amazon Basin. In order to prepare for the Inca Trail, both of us have increased our exercise level (I even signed up for boot camp again!) and bought a ton of outdoor and camping gear from REI – we’re talking water sterilizing pen emitting UV rays, sub-zero down sleeping bags and top-end hiking poles.

We think we are as ready as we can be given the time constraint (probably could be more fit, but what can you do?).  Will update when we return on Memorial Weekend.

Weather forecast:  Rain (20% chance) on most days, thunder storm (40% chance) on the hardest day (hiking “Dead Woman’s Pass”).  Boo!!!  😦  Wish us luck!


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