Maybe it’s because of global warming, but lately it has been unbelievably hot!  AK and I left all the sliding doors open at 10pm last night to no avail, even though usually our area gets very chilly at night – we were still using our space heater last week!

Went to boot camp with Ms. Sunshine this morning at 6:15 a.m., and it was already muggy.  By the end of class (around 7:45 a.m.) it was 72 degrees.  I wonder if the heat is here to stay?  According to what I heard on NPR radio, climate change is already here, and the Western United States is warming up faster than the rest of the country.  Even I am starting to consider taking public transportation to work these days (ok, I’m also tired of paying $50+ for a tank of gas).  You’re talking about someone who usually drives to the corner deli for sandwiches.  The only good thing about this heat and the high gas prices ($4.69 per gallan for 89 octane right now…it’s going to break $5.00 soon) is that I hope it will change consumer behavior and reverse the trends.  Well, a girl can dream.


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