Peru – Inca Trail and Cusco Photos

We finally finished organizing our photo for the Inca Trail and Cusco portion of our Peru trip. AK actually wrote a very funny email to all the people in our small group with Enigma tour operator, which did a fabulous job leading us and providing us with the most amazing meals during the trek. Instead of being original and writing my own stuff, I am just going to copy AK’s email below…hee hee (at least I removed people’s real names – except for our guide). You will also see the Flickr link to the photos too.
Hi there fellow gringos and Elbin,

doesn’t the whisper of a gentle agua calientes breeze stir up memories of a wondrous journey into lands long forgotten? of mashed strawberry cake with a generous side of constructive criticism? of day 4, pre-dawn delusions of racing to the waiyna picchu gate? of a back-trail black-market for diamox, cipro, prednisone and the med du jour? of mustering up courage and gag-reflex-control over a few deep breaths in the safety of one’s tent before braving the inevitable bathroom visit? of suppressing grumpy (and occasionally violent) urges brought on by the loud, obnoxious and pole-dragging behavior of the blowhards from the other group? of the crazy ortho-porter surgeon who actually carried his own pack the whole freaking trail? of his wife who fearlessly popped berries off the trail as if eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? of night-blurred images of a big burly guy in the dark frantically cranking a little flashlight to get a couple of seconds of dim lumination? of more freaking steps!!??? of good food and laughter to wind down after many hours of exertion? oh, inca trail, how do we love thee? let me count the ways….

Great memories guys! Check out our photos and send us yours:

When you go to this link, click on “slideshow” in the upper right hand corner. This will display the larger images instead of the thumbnails.

Elbin, please share these and our warm regards with Edgar if you have his email address. Hope all is well!

D and C, congrats on closing on your house! Hope you’re settling in well. Let us know when we can all show up for the house warming. And don’t, under any circumstances whatsoever, ever, ever, become eagles fans. (being serious about this last one).

K – good luck with your new job in the city! Contrary to J’s advice about your first paycheck, don’t spend it all at once! J, kaaaaaahn!!!!! let me know when you’re going to break down and pay the bucks to get the DK machine and try to take out Weibe. I know you can do it!

J – hope you got to see all the cool wildlife at Sandoval. You also had an slr with you, so please share your pictures, (I must know if Cannon or Nikon is better in a side by side comparison)!

S and N, sorry, it should be obvious, but the reason there are no photos of you two on the trail is that we couldn’t keep up! Hope residency is bearable for S once that starts. Btw, if you are fans of the new frozen yogurt craze (and CM is a big fan, let me tell you), there’s a red mango on university opened by yul kwan (the former winner of survivor) and there reportedly will be a pink berry opening at stanford mall (the first in nocal) later this year.


 Happy Trails


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