August Lapse (i.e., where did the summer go???)

August came and went, and no posts were made.  Before you jump to the conclusion that it is due to laziness, allow me to proffer some very compelling reasons.

1.  Summer Olympics – The TV coverage was too extensive (at least 8 hours of coverage each day on just the main NBC station).  I was glued to the TV every night and barely had time to sleep.  For real.  My Tivo was maxed out to capacity and many shows got deleted.  Of course I was very conflicted about watching the Beijing Olympics (JL & Hui – don’t judge!).  Will post more on that later.

2.  DNC (Democratic National Convention) – I think I’m not alone here in saying that Obama injects a much needed shot in the arm to American politics.  The energy level of the 4-day convention, which began the day after the closing ceremony of the Olympics, was unbelievable.  More on that later too.

3.  Labor Day Weekend – Hui and her family came up to visit.  In addition to all the family-related activities, AK and I also had 2 BBQs and 1 brunch separately with our friends.  I feel like I need to recover from the long weekend.

So now you know what I’ve been up to.  I hope to resume at least a weekly posting schedule going forward.  It’s my new resolution for the fall.


4 thoughts on “August Lapse (i.e., where did the summer go???)

  1. 沒想到妳還挺認真的為自己辯護,果然是律師本色!

  2. Haha, thank you thank you. Of course I am already failing to meet my goal…but I will 加油!

    I’m glad that 巧巧 is writing her blog again! Will definitely start reading that too. 🙂

  3. 1. well,…. china will be china. now with more diary product scandals unfolding… one has to wonder if anything was “real.”
    2. glad to see you back….

  4. Good to see you too! Saw Mark yesterday and seems like you guys hang out quite often. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll make it back to Taiwan soon.

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