The Sarah Palin Effect


   (Sarah Palin then and now)

Lately, AK has noted (ok, complained) that I have been talking about a particular name too frequently: Sarah Palin.  It is true.  Like the media and the rest of the country, I have been hungrily devouring all the juicy tidbits about the Alaskan governor.  How the Iraq War is a “mission of God.”  How she has only been governor for 20 months and prior to that was the mayor of a small town with only 6,000 people.  How she fired the State Public Safety Commissioner because he would not terminate the state trooper who was going through an ugly divorce with her sister (“Troopergate”), and the city librarian because of her refusal to ban certain books.  This is the person who might be leading us as President of the United States?! (John McCain is 72 and a caner survivor, which makes Palin a heartbeat away from taking over…)

When I first heard about her nomination, I thought it was quite naive for the Republican Party to assume that women voters will switch from Hillary Clinton to Palin.  I mean, c’mon, their political and personal ideologies cannot be farther apart.  Clearly I was the one who has much to learn.  I had thought the novelty would wear off, that Americans will soon see that she has no experience.  But now, I really just can’t take any more of this “rock star Palin” crap that the media frenzy is so focused on.  When I got my US Weekly a couple of weeks and Palin was on the cover, I almost lost it – even though the heading was “Babies, Lies and Scandal” (side note:  Because of that cover story, US Weekly has had to appease irate readers by giving them some extra issues – stand up for your magazine Janice Min!).

Doesn’t anyone find it ironic that she is a strong proponent of teaching abstinence-only programs in lieu of sex ed in schools, and now her daughter is an unwed pregnant teenager (surprise surprise)?  I am especially disgusted by the ex-Hillary supporters who are now voting for Palin. Who are these people who have no principles and will vote for anyone who happens to be female?  The morning after Sarah Palin’s interview with Charles Gibson, there was some discussion on NPR on whether Gibson was (perceived) as engaging in “intellectual bullying” of Sarah Palin, when he was visibly appalled by her lack of knowledge regarding the “Bush Doctrine” and foreign policy issues and kept pressing her to respond with more specificity. Since when did intellectualism become a dirty word?

I will try to remain optimistic, but these are trying times.  However, I will continue to watch the election season unfold and hope for the best.

Go Obama!

Oh yes, and on a lighter note, Saturday Night Live did an amazing spoof of Hillary and Palin, with Tina Fey returning to guest star as Palin – the resemblance is uncanny!

Check out the full version at SNL’s website:


5 thoughts on “The Sarah Palin Effect

  1. I guess you are not too excited about Palin’s apparent experience with national security and energy issues that will face this great nation of ours =) Oh, on the “mission of God” issue, she was “taken out of context” a little bit, I was originally put off, but upon closer viewing, it was a small part of a long speech. Anyhoo…. I hope this election happens today so we can get back to normal business of life =)

  2. Yes, I see that she has foreign policy experience b/c Alaska is very close to Russia. This should make our beloved NL (your brother) a foreign policy expert too. Maybe the “mission of God” statement was taken out of context, but I think there are enough other issues to be afraid, very afraid. Like Matt Damon said, this feels like a bad Disney movie where the hockey mom becomes the President.

    How is Ma’s tyranny?

  3. Okay, I am normally pretty much in the middle on politics. I put myself more in the Republican Party because I am a little bit conservative, but I am not really that involved in politics so don’t kill me or boo me yet. This year I was planning to vote for Hilary because she seemed to have a better plan and with the support of her husband I would like to think they would have done a better job. Unfortunately she is no longer in the running and she did kind of degrade herself by resorting to certain behaviors/actions trying to win votes but still failed, which is still too bad because I really hoped she would be able to pull through. By default I was now leaning towards McCain because I was really enamored by his wife and he seemed like a great person. He as well has been changing around just to please people, which makes me not like him anymore. Sorry I was getting off track…

    Ms. Lin and I were just talking about Palin… I think she is such a hypocrite! How can you even call yourself a Republican when your own family is the epitomy of what Republican’s would look down upon! Also I do NOT believe that Creation should be taught instead of Evolution… I BELIEVE that a woman definitely has the right to choose if she should have an abortion if she is raped or even if she doesn’t want it. Although I do think people should live with their own mistakes and not punish the innocent fetus that has yet to be born. But also I believe that no child should be brought into the world where it will only suffer. It’s a very difficult subject, but I do not think Palin has the right attitude. If she is in office… it’s going to be another evil VP like Cheney! >_<# Can I elect to bring Bill Clinton or someone more competent back in the race? Heck… I will take Al Gore over all the candidates now too!

  4. Thanks for sharing your opinions Kat! I actually agree with pretty much everything you have said. The old McCain was a respectable Senator from Arizona; the new McCain is a presidential hopeful who panders to the crowd and flip-flops on many of his old policy positions. I actually voted for Hillary in the primary too thinking that she was more experienced and willing to fight (dirty if need be), but the drawn out primaries really wore out her welcome. But I digress too… 🙂

    I want Bill Clinton back too! Yes, even though he’s a lying, cheating b*** and was rather un-gracious on his wife’s campaign trail. Somehow when he turns on the charm you forget all about his scandals and his negativity (though after the primaries his allure has faded quite a bit for me). Oh yeah, and it doesn’t hurt that the economy was in great shape during his term.

  5. Correction: I agree with everything Kat said except that I wouldn’t take Al Gore over Obama (over the other candidate, yes). Despite his relatively short career, I feel that Obama truly has the ability to inspire a nation and make us great again. Plus he’s super-smart and not arrogant like Bush and Cheney. I am optimistic that as a country we should be able to turn the corner and regain the respect of the international community. Voting for the McCain ticket also means voting for Palin. Please think twice before doing so!

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