Yes We Can!

When CNN projected that Barack Obama had won the presidency, I really did not believe it. I still remember how I went to bed early on that fateful night in 2000 when CNN had projected Al Gore as the winner, only to wake up to an interminable recount, a Supreme Court intervention and a George Bush nightmare. But then AK ran into the other room and yelled out, “Fox News called it!” That’s when I knew it was final.

I cried as I watched the elated crowd celebrating across the country, and even AK got choked up during Obama’s somber victory speech. We each had emotional calls with our sisters, and many of my MoFo/Cavour friends also shed tears of joy, as we all blubbered through our telephone conversations congratulating one another on this historic election.

Given the enormity of the challenges, I know the road ahead will be rocky, but I look forward to the changes to come. I hope Obama delivers on his promises. Here is his speech for those of you who missed it:

Many of us are planning to fly to DC to see the swearing in ceremony next year (even if we can’t get tickets, which are apparently hard to come by, apparently there will be events all weekend). Inauguration – here we come!


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