Happy Holidays

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whichever holiday you celebrate)!  Holidays are a nostalgic time, and reading all the greeting cards reminds me of how much I enjoy my family and friends.  Thanks for being so incredible to me.  I don’t always get my act together to, for example, send out holiday cards with meaningful messages, but I do think about you a lot.  🙂

AK and I just returned from LA yesterday and there is so much to catch up on this blog (my short but amazing Taiwan trip at the end of November, brief stop over in Hong Kong, sight-seeing in the Bay Area with my co-worker visiting from China, Christmas in LA).  Unfortunately, my 6-year-old iMac has finally run out of space…noooo!  Somehow 80GB used to sound like a ton of space but is now sorely inadequate.  This means that, at least for now, I can no longer upload any photos into iPhoto or to Flickr.  Boo!  (I think I’m picking up this phrase from Kat).  So tonight, after much research, I ordered from Amazon the long overdue external hard drive and hope to resolve this issue this weekend (for the geeks interested, it’s an Iomega 320GB portable hard drive with the old FireWire 400 connectivity – my old Mac doesn’t even support USB 2.0).  I have resisted the urge to buy the stunningly beautiful MacBook Air, which I have coveted since its debut.  One day, my friends, one day.

For now, it’ll just be words.  Guess I have to work extra hard to be entertaining…


2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. 終於有新作囉!

    Happy 牛 Year!咦?妳是不是屬牛啊?

    • Yes I am a 牛! 2009 will be my year – wahaha!
      Actually I tried to call you to tell you that you have such incredible foresight! 3rd Aunt and Mom were both very worried about Po but felt much better after the video. It was a great idea to film! 🙂

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