New Year’s Eve


A definite sign of getting old is that I no longer have any desire to attend those fancy New Year’s Eve parties.  Been there, done that.  You pay $75-100 to get at most 2-3 drinks (the lines at the bar usually snake around the room), deafening dance music and an uncomfortably high number of really drunk people breathing down your neck (they can’t help it – the venue is usually insanely hot and crowded and most people are too drunk to notice that their sweat is being wiped on your favorite little black dress. . . oh yes, good times.)

We actually had no plans for tonight until about 2:00 p.m. today, when we checked  Shockingly, there were a ton of well-reviewed restaurants that still had openings.  Damn, this recession is for real!  After some research, AK and I decided on this new restaurant in the Mission called Spork (yes, as in the plastic spoon/fork combo that is a school cafeteria staple of yore), which has received high Yelp ratings and had been written up by the SF Chronicle.  It was actually the perfect choice – great comfort food in a casual space (we both had to work today and were too tired to go home and change into something more fancy).  

The interior basically looked like a diner (previously a Kentucky Fried Chicken – you get the idea), with extra-friendly staff.  The food was really delicious, and you can tell quality ingredients were used.  The amuse-bouche was a dollop of Ostera caviar on a potato chip (haha).  I then started with “Fondue Fritter,” or fried cheese in layman’s terms, followed by “Cornucopia,” which is a white truffle risotto on roasted acorn squash – super delish!  Alex had the crab salad (so-so) and a succulent filet mignon with freshly made gnocchi, which he loved.  The highlight was definitely the dessert though – warm beignet with homemade ice cream and chocolate sauce.  Sounds so simple, yet executed so well.  You even get a very nice metal spork as your utensil!  Although it was decadent, we licked our bowls clean (but the guilt is just overwhelming, so I think you’ll find us both on the elliptical machine tomorrow).

As I mentioned in a previous post, I can’t post photos for a while.  So, I’ll just have to refer you to this website here.  Enjoy!


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