2009: New Year’s Resolutions

Wow, 2009.  Can’t believe it’s finally here.  I know it’s cliché to have New Year’s resolutions, but it’s kinda fun to take the opportunity to really think about what you want the next year to be.  My goals are simple:

(1) Get Organized.  6+ years of working law firm hours has really disintegrated the order in my life.  This resolution is actually multi-faceted:  I hope to have a clean house (where anyone can drop by at any time with short notice. . . my model is Ms. Escape – that’s you ESC – whose place appears to be the cover of a Pottery Barn catalog at all times), pristine files (I used to be able to locate a phone bill from 3 years ago within minutes!) and send out more thank-you cards.  This also includes having a more active social calendar to see my friends and family.  Of course, better time management should also mean that I have more time to write for this little pet project.

(2) Get Fit/Lose Weight.  Talk about overused – this is probably top on many people’s list.  I was able to lose about 10 pounds in the last 4-6 months through a combo of exercise (started boot camp right before our Peru trip) and diet (thanks Hui for the inspiration and the food journal idea).  Although this is nowhere near the amount of weight I had gained since graduating from law school, I am happy to have gotten back on the right path.  Hope to continue in 2009 (holiday pounds, be gone!).

(3) Get Involved.  I think I did way more community service and charity work when I was in high school.  This has got to change.  I have some ideas, including volunteering to feed Koko the gorilla (did you know that Koko lives in the Bay Area?!).  Let me know if you have any good suggestions.

Here is a little poll about resolutions – let me know where you stand!


3 thoughts on “2009: New Year’s Resolutions

  1. My resolution is to make my value-add appointment to the u.s. senate seat for the junior senator in Illinois stick (worried about a clawback provision in my informal arrangement with the nominee) and dial down the publicity surring other incidents of corruption and abuse of office.

    with the utmost sincerity,
    rod blagojevich

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