Golden Globe Awards


(These are the nominated films – photos courtesy of IMDB)

Tonight is a perfect evening. I am drinking from the last bottle of white wine left from our wedding (relax…from the glass, not the bottle), a very tasty 2005 Bogle Chardonnay (comments from wine snobs not welcome), eating chocolate and dried fruits and watching the Golden Globe Awards. After a long productive day of filing bills away, a process that is especially time-consuming given the considerable build-up over the past few years, it is immensely satisfying to indulge myself for a few hours.

Even though I have Tivo, I am actually watching the show live because I can’t wait for the results–it’s bad enough that NBC time delays the program for 3 hours, so technically it is not even live for the West Coast audience (seriously, why do we always get shafted? First it was the Olympics, now this). The combination of blathering speeches (“I would like to thank all my dogs…” – seriously that’s what Mickey Rourke said) and frequent interruption of commercials yields the perfect opportunity for updating this blog.

Although I love watching movies, I have significant gaps in my viewing. The problem is, I cannot watch anything at home, which AK believes to be a form of commitment phobia. In fact, I don’t think I have ever watched any of the DVDs I own, not even one episode of Sex and the City, even though I never miss any of the reruns shown on TV. Instead, I waste hours watching either my regular shows on Tivo (Gossip Girl, Thirty Rock, The Daily Show, South Park) or any number of mindless programming on the Food Network (Top Chef, Iron Chef), Bravo (Project Runway, The Real Housewives of NYC), HGTV (House Hunters, Designed to Sell), or E! Network (Father Hood with Snoop Dogg, Chelsea Lately, and embarrassingly enough, The Girls Next Door). My mental hurdle is that once I pop in a DVD, I must sit in place and finish the whole movie/show. In theory at least, when I watch regular TV, including any saved shows on Tivo, I can get up and walk away at any time (which of course I never do).

As a result, I have resolved to watch more films in the theater, in no small part because I do not want to repeat the experience of sitting through all five Oscar-nominated movies in one sitting again (see my post from last year). This has paid off somewhat. I’ve seen a good number of the well-reviewed movies this year, including of course, Slumdog Millionaire (post here – so happy it swept the major awards! Extra kudos to the Hollywood Foreign Press for inviting Bollywood king Shahrukh Khan to present), The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (beautiful, well acted movie, but I was completely emotionally unattached) and Gran Torino (riveting and moving – Clint Eastwood was robbed!). By the time the Academy Awards rolls around, I should be in a good position to make my own layman’s opinions about who the winners should be.

Anyway, I really enjoy watching the Golden Globe Awards because it is much less self-important than the somewhat uptight Academy Awards ceremony. There is also the additional benefit of seeing all the television stars along with the mega-watt movie stars. Finally, I think it’s also interesting to see the unofficial mingling among the guests, who hop from table to table. All in all, it was an enjoyable show this year, and I come away wanting to watch more films. There are still so many out there to see, and I would love to hear about any special recommendations!  Oh yeah, and here is the official list of nominations and winners.


4 thoughts on “Golden Globe Awards

  1. You can’t wait for the results? I am so impatient that I just looked online before the show even aired here!

    I feel pretty knowledgeable. The only movies I haven’t seen are The Wrestler (which I’m watching today), Doubt (which I’m watching later this week), and Gran Torino (which I don’t really care about). Life is good when your screenwriter brother has screener DVDs. 😉

    • I admit it – I watch the award shows to mock the terrible dresses as much as for the results. Btw, you are not respecting the process! 🙂

      Sigh, not everyone is so lucky with the screenwriter brother. Some of us have to wait for the movies to hit the theaters (luckily limited releases usually include the Bay Area) and, of yeah, convince their other half to go…

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