2011 Holiday Card

This year Alex and I finally got our act together to design a holiday photocard!  Although it was not created in time for Christmas, we were happy nonetheless to be able to send our friends and family our best wishes for the new year.  Websites like Tiny Prints also make the whole design process effortless and fun (when was the last time you had to “design” something?).  Here is the end result:

2011 Holiday Card (Front)

2011 Holiday Card (Back)


I have always wondered why photocards seem to be the exclusive domain of families with children.  Is it because couples and single people tend to feel too self-conscious or self-indulgent?  (I certainly hope that none of our recipients thought so.)  Somehow, parading adorable photos of your kids is socially acceptable, even encouraged in some circles, but sending around your vacation photos from that cool trip to Argentina can be considered showing off.  Seems to me that there is a bit of a double standard in perception.  I would think that if done with the right tone and editorial acumen, anyone should be able to send out interesting photocards that are met with enthusiastic reception.  After all, I have know my friends for much longer than I’ve know anyone’s kids, right?


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