Road to the Marathon – The Beginning

After my ill-prepared half marathon a few years ago (the poorly attended SF Half Marathon), I had sworn off distance running. By the end of that race, I was exhausted (without the much promised exhilaration) and had developed a horrible blister on my left foot, thanks to new orthopedic inserts that were never broken in.  I limped home without having experienced the so-called “runner’s high” and thought to myself, “never again!”

Fast forward to February 2011 when my sister Sherry called me excitedly about the Marine Corps Marathon in DC on October 30, 2011.  “It’s super-organized!” (No surprise there, since it’s run by the military).  “It’s packed with spectators!”  “Men in uniform!” “It’ll be fun!” Having entered a new phase in my life where I am determined to begin tackling mental, psychological and physical hurdles, I reluctantly agreed.

So here I am.  Training for my first marathon.  Ahhh!!!!!  Learning from my past mistake, I began by getting a training schedule to methodically work towards the daunting 26.2 miles.  Sherry had suggested Hal Higdon’s 30-week “Novice Supreme” schedule and so far, it’s worked well.  After a fitful start – half-committed in April but non-existent in May – I have finally settled (resigned?) myself into a groove and have been doing 90% of my runs since the start of June.

So here’s to my new-found determination for this endeavor and hoping that I’ll cross the finish line before the straggler bus (yes, that is the official name…the Marine Corps is not messing around) scoops me up!  Cheers!


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