How Do Celebrities Do It?

Last week I unintentionally broke my personal record of going out – 5 times in a 7-day period.  This partially explains my week-long absence, though I must confess that the other days were spent recuperating from the over-exertion.  It all began with a work obligation and looked something like this:

Day 1 – Wednesday (7/27/11):  This was an ambitious day.  I had booked an eyebrow appointment at 8:20 a.m. at Bombshell – since appointments book up a month or two in advance, missing it was unthinkable!  (Side note:  Who knew I would ever become a slave to an eyebrow maintenance schedule?)  Unfortunately, this meant that I had to squeeze in my 5-mile run beforehand (getting up at 6 a.m. to go running is not my favorite way to start off the day).  At the end of the work day, went to team dinner at Pampas Brazilian BBQ in Palo Alto, at which I orchestrated a near-perfect real life logic game involving our seating arrangement (with rules such as A is only friends with B, C does not want to sit next to D, E can sit next to anyone, F needs to sit near the edge to access the salad bar, etc.).  Yes, my life has its small victories.

Day 2 – Thursday (7/28/11):  Last minute birthday dinner for my good friend Coco (so nicknamed for her affinity to the incomparable Coco Chanel).  After retrieving the birthday girl from the British Bankers Club, where she and Ms. Lin were engrossed in lively debate with fellow MIT alums, we enjoyed yummy tapas at Iberia (verdict – pretty good for Menlo Park but so-so by San Francisco standards).  Forgot my camera so no photos.  😦

Day 3 – Friday (7/29/11):  Friday night is my monthly dinner with Ms. Raggedy, who also invited Ms. Lin.  I recommended one of my favorites in San Francisco, The Richmond.  It did not fail to impress, especially with its seared foie gras (not all foie gras are born equal), my “double down” chicken (pressed chicken with crispy skins and bread stuffing) and Ms. Lin’s flavorful and juicy pork chops.  Since I could not partake in wine (one of the downsides of having long runs on Saturday mornings), I was the designated driver for the night.  Having all 3 of us pile into my small 2-door car as we wandered around SF looking for parking felt almost like college again.  Although I didn’t get home until close to midnight, I really did not mind.  Unfortunately, forgot my camera again.

Day 4 – Sat (7/30/11):  The late nights are catching up to me.  Day began with a 10-mile run, my longest and toughest to date, during which I cursed myself many times for not getting more sleep.  But I was rewarded with having Ms. Lin all to myself for dinner at Range in SF (in the city! again!), where we reminisced about college some more.  Ms. Lin even found the first birthday card I ever gave her 20 years ago (wow)!  I think Alzheimer’s is setting in with “old age” though, since I forgot my camera yet again.

Day 5 – Sun (7/31/11):  Rest!

Day 6 – Mon (8/1/11):  Another day of rest!

Day 7 – Tuesday (8/2/11):  Attended a professional networking event sponsored by my friend’s law firm hosted at Michael Mina in San Francisco (apparently, the restaurant has 2 Michelin stars even though my first experience was less than stellar).  The meal was great (or maybe it felt more delicious because I didn’t have to pay?), but I was seated at the table where I was the only newcomer – everyone else already worked together or knew one another well.  I suppose it gives me good practice for polishing up my small talk skills.

Bonus Day – Thursday (8/4/11):  After swearing that I was not going to go out anymore, and that I would stay home and spend more time with hubby, I ended up going to Coco’s house for a glass of wine after work (the plea came in the form of an “I really need a drink today” email).  I blame the Dow for dropping 500+ points.

All this has led me to wonder, if I’ve barely done it for a week and I collapse into a heap when I get home every day, how do celebrities manage such a hectic social schedule?  Suddenly I have a new found sense of respect for them!


3 thoughts on “How Do Celebrities Do It?

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  2. Wow, I feel really honored to be part of the three nights of your very busy week!! 🙂 I think the reason celebrities can do it is that they don’t have to go to work in the morning so they can sleep in lol!

    • Hello again Ms. Lin! That sure is true – I can party every night if I get to sleep in past noon all the time. One day we can all be ladies who lunch…I hope! 🙂

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