A Day In the Recording Studio

I spent my entire work day in a “recording studio” today.  Truth be told, it was just a small room equipped with a workstation and a microphone, but that is probably as close as I will ever get to be being a star of my own show.

As part of my company’s initiative to increase corporate governance training, I was tasked with creating several online training sessions.  Since the recording equipment is located in our Gold River office (near Folsom/Sacramento), I drove out there for the day.  After being on the road for close to 3 hours (approximately 135 miles), I was ready to go!  Walking into the small, amateur “studio” at the office, I was struck by how professional the workstation looked.

Recording Station

I especially loved the retro feel of the microphone – it looks like a throwback to the 1950s!

To my surprise, it was very time-consuming to narrate two sets of training materials (English and Chinese versions), even though each one lasted less than an hour.  Invariably, I would flub my lines for a particular PowerPoint slide and would have to erase and re-record.  The sessions became extremely iterative and monotonous, and at the end of the day my voice was getting raspy.  This process is giving me some new-found respect for real recording artists!  They have to sound perfect with every song, whereas for me, especially towards the end, it was acceptable to just be “passable.”  (After all, it’s a corporate training – my job is simply to impart the knowledge and try to keep people awake. – I don’t need to sell millions of records.)

After driving another 3 hours to get home – including an additional 40-50 miles spent in the maddening East Bay maze of freeways – I finally got home.  That was a close to 6-hour commute (I could have driven LA)!  At long last, as I ate my late-night dinner, AK read me two New York Times articles about South of France (Aix-en-Provence and Nice) in preparation for our upcoming trip.  It was the perfect ending to an otherwise exhausting day.


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