Burnt Out!

The stress of preparing for two separate international trips — a two-week vacation in France, followed immediately by a week-long work trip in Taiwan — has finally taken its toll.  Add to this my attempt to juggle my marathon training schedule, busy workload and (moderately) active social schedule (by choice – I had resolved to be a more accessible friend this year), and you have the perfect formula for mental burnout.  I feel like my life has been reduced to scheduling (social, personal, work, running) and making to do lists. I even find myself mentally checking off “fun” events so they are considered “done.”

But the day has finally arrived!  I just finished packing for France an hour ago, around 11:30 p.m., and the taxi will be taking us to the airport at 3:50 a.m. I even pre-packed for Taiwan, since I’ll have fewer than 12 hours at home before heading out to the airport again.  Unfortunately, my last run was a short 2-mile job on the treadmill on Tuesday.  However, after some dizzy spells a few days ago, I have decided to actively cut back and get some sleep (maybe it’s not the end of the world if I don’t have time to go buy another bottle of my favorite sunscreen – I’m sure I can easily locate a French substitute).  Mentally, I am just fried and unable to motivate myself to do anymore.  I find myself even doubting whether I want to go on vacation!  (Of course I want to go on vacation – I am merely fighting off my fantasy of curling up in bed and not even have to set the alarm.)

I’m hoping that this will all change once I finally land in Charles de Gaulle airport and get some sleep.  Ready or not, Paris here I come!


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