France Day 5 – Dinner @ Sapore (Nice)

Nice is a beautiful city that we have not had a chance to appreciate much up to this point. When our ferry to St. Tropez returned us back to the port, I took the opportunity to snap a few photos. The streets have almost an Italian feel to it, which makes sense given the city’s proximity to Italy. We also read that Nice had once belonged to Italy, but at some point voted to become a part of France. It’s such an interesting historical factoid that I think I will research this when i get home.



Tired from a whole day of walking and the five hours on the ferry, we were ready to hit our dinner spot, Sapore. Although there was again no one at the restaurant (probably because 7:00 p.m. was considered too early for dinner by French standards, only for old people and tourists), we had learned from lunch that the presence of a crowd is not necessarily the sole indicator of good food.


The restaurant offers a rotating slate of tapas every 15 days, so we went ahead and ordered the “discovery” menu. We were first offered some small amuse-bouche items and some bread. The butter was infused with the herbs of Provence and was very delicious!



The first trio of tapas to arrive were the bruschetta with raw tuna, salad with parmesan cheese, and the tomato tart. Each was delicious, but we especially loved the flavor of the tomato tart, with its flaky pastry base, incredibly sweet tomatoes and balsamic vinegar based dressing. OMG we could eat 10 of these little tarts every day!




The next round of tapas were my selection of a moist and delicious grilled “loupe” (a type of white fish common in South of France, similar to sea bass), sitting on a bed of pickled cabbage that offered just enough tartness to offset any fishiness, and AK’s pick of a plate of wonderful beef carpaccio, which was light and flavorful. There was also a side dish of potato au gratin made in the shape of a rose – pretty, but nothing to write home about.




We were offered two small desserts for the grand finale – a two-bite peach tart (the market did not offered apricots that morning, so this was a deviation from the menu), and a mini creme brûlée. The peach tart was amazing!!! Freshly out of the oven, each bite of warmth oozed sweetness from the peach mingled with the buttery flakiness of the pastry. The creme brûlée did not disappoint either! After cracking the hardened top shell, the fragrance of the vanilla bean custard wafted over, and each spoonful was thick and smooth. Dinner definitely ended with fireworks!



19 Rue Bonaparte
06300 Nice, France
04 92 04 22 09


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