A Trip to the East Bay

AK and I spend very little time in the East Bay as a couple. I meet up with K or the MoFo girls in Oakland on occasion (always with a side trip to my favorite bakery, La Farine), or he goes to Cal football games as a season ticket holder with his friends.  On the occasion of the first birthday celebration of JK’s youngest son, however, we headed out to San Ramon, a quiet residential community a little less than an hour away.

Although I sometimes dread kids’ birthday parties at which I don’t know anyone, this party turned out to be really fun. JK, his lovely wife and their three children all dressed up in traditional Korean hanbok, and the overall atmosphere was warm and festive. Most of the guests were the hosts’ friends from church, and at least in my experience, that generally means an extra level of friendliness and inclusiveness. We ended up talking to a couple from LA and found out that the wife used to teach at Whitney High School in Cerritos (my rival high school)! Talk about a small world. It was really great to see her passion and enthusiasm for teaching – makes me feel grateful for the amazing teachers I have had in my own life.

The most exciting part of the party was probably when the bouncy house collapsed due to the motor shorting out the electric fuse. There was immediately a mad scramble to rescue all the kids trapped inside, and when all the young ones were finally accounted for (not an easy feat given the large number), all the parents breathed a sigh of relief. Thankfully, no one was hurt. After the commotion, we got a chance to spend a little time with JK and get a tour of the house – it was absolutely beautiful and spacious. We were especially impressed with the huge den that doubles as an amazing playroom, with storage benches that lined the wall and beautiful mahogany built-in closets (that even includes Murphy bed!).


JK had a photographer friend take candids from the party, but unfortunately my double chin shows through in all but one of the photos of me (it’s time to start running regularly again!). So, though it’s a bit serious, here’s a only one that I’m including just for the sake of documenting the day. Wonder what the topic was for us to be all so deep in conversation?


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