A New Home

Part of our mission driving down to LA is to deliver a dining set to my mom, who had recently purchased a new home in a retirement community in Riverside County.  I thought it would be great if she could make use of my old dining set from Scandinavian Designs, which I had used for only a few short years before moving out of my first apartment after law school. Before you think that I’m offloading some shoddy used furniture, keep in mind that since I was working extremely long hours at the law firm back then and barely cooked, this dining set is practically new and in great condition.

To the surprise of AK and me, the entire table (with expandable, retractable hidden leaves) and all four chairs fit into my small Acura RSX! Love how the backseats fold down in this little hatchback, my trusty companion for more than ten years. It took us almost two hours to drive to the new house from Cerritos, where we had begun the caravan with my mom and my 3rd aunt, and another half an hour or so to unload and reassemble. The result is quite fantastic – the new dining set fits well into its new home and looks like it’s always belonged there. It gave me great joy to help furnish the new place!

Dining Set

My mom had done extensive renovations throughout the house, and she proudly showed us every detail. Her crew had done a really great job. I especially loved the choice of hardwood floor – it’s hard to see in this picture (the color is not quite that dark), but the hand-scraped wood texture is gorgeous.

After a late lunch at Chipotle Mexican Grill (one of our favorite quickie eateries back home, and we introduced my mom and my aunt to this great healthy option), AK drove us around to look at some houses for sale in the neighboring cities. Unfortunately, we were only able to look at the exteriors of the houses, but what we saw was impressive – certainly better bang for the buck when you go outside of the Greater LA area (times like this always make me question the wisdom in living in such an expensive region as the San Francisco Bay Area). We didn’t get back to Cerritos until close to 9 p.m. (when we promptly wolfed down some bento boxes my brother had purchased for us), but it was a very productive day.


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