Mother’s Day Brunch (Newport Beach, CA)

Mothers Day (w Sherry)

For Mother’s Day this year, my extended family gathered at the Palm Terrace Restaurant inside the Island Hotel in swanky Newport Beach. We had forgotten to ask the server for a group photo, so I’m posting two almost identical photos so that both photographers (my sister and my cousin) can be included. I think everyone looked great! I also love how the restaurant seated us at a round table – much easier for socializing and having group conversations.

Mothers Day (w Kalen)

The food was pretty decent too, especially the chicken and waffle dish.

Dish - Chicken+Waffles

AK had only ordered the Belgian waffle and was kicking himself after seeing the delicious fried chicken. At least his dish included some juicy strawberries…

Dish - Waffles

My dish was an interpretation of a Japanese breakfast, which, not surprisingly, was not very authentic. Not only was the rice too hard, but the flavors were bland (I was even forced to pour soy sauce on my rice…that’s how desperate I was).

Dish - Japanese

One of the best dishes was the crab cakes topped with poached eggs and truffle hollendaise sauce. I had serious food envy (why is this photo is so blurry?! I feel like I didn’t take this photo, but maybe in the excitement of the moment, my hands were trembling?).

Dish - Crab Cake

The restaurant was not at full capacity (I believe everyone else was at the $94 special brunch next door), so even after we finished our meal, we had plenty of time to catch up leisurely. Thanks to the high ceilings, which helped muffle the loud chatter coming from our table, we didn’t attract any sidelong glances or unwanted attention from other guests.

After lunch, the whole group wandered over to nearby Fashion Island shopping center, where pet dogs were out in force (it was a glorious, sunny day, perfect for outdoor shopping). We all enjoyed some old-fashioned people- and dog-watching, and most of the group ended up taking a very long detour at an expansive pet store with tons of animals (the usual cats and dogs, but also rabbits, parrots, hamsters, and many others). I bowed out early, since I had to take AK to the airport. Wonder how much longer everyone else stuck around to pet the animals?

Palm Terrace Restaurant
Island Hotel
690 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 760-4920


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