My Favorite Cooking Blog: Dinner A Love Story

Miso Fish + Quinoa

As a relative novice to everyday cooking, I really appreciate recipes that are truly “easy” – many cookbooks and TV shows claim to offer this, but in reality, I often spend 2-3 hours on what was supposed to be an easy dish to make (I love the Barefoot Contessa, but Ina Garten doesn’t always make it easy for us mortals, though the worst offenders are probably those guys from America’s Test Kitchen). The other major criteria for me, of course, is that the food must taste good.  This is why I love the blog Dinner A Love Story (sometimes shortened to DALS), written by a busy working mom of two (she also used to be a food editor, so that doesn’t hurt). I love all the strategic shortcuts, the pre-planning tips, the little tricks of the trade. Most importantly, her recipes are unbelievably tasty and (relatively) simple to execute for a newbie like me.

Case in point: the miso-glazed salmon and roasted tomatoes with quinoa pictured above. The miso glaze is made in advance, and I took it out a mere 10-12 minutes before dinner to slather onto some wild Alaskan salmon for broiling. We almost always have cherry tomatoes in the house, so throwing a handful into the oven for slow roasting is also easy enough (I skipped the feta cheese and herbs because both were not on hand), especially when I have some leftover quinoa. Although I am not working right now, this meal was so easy that I feel confident that I would be able to execute it with ease as a busy working mom (keeping my fingers crossed). Both AK and I loved the meal. Thank you DALS!


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