Leisure Saturday (Ferry Building + Spice Rack Organization)

After a long absence, we returned to the Ferry Building on this glorious Saturday morning. My original goal was to pick up some fresh produce from the farmer’s market, but the crowds were insane! We ended up just grabbing our usual items – lattes from Blue Bottle Coffee, porchetta sandwiches from the Roli Roti truck, a fruit pocket from Frog Hollow Farm and something extra (this time, instead of bread from Acme or cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, we picked up a bag of dark chocolate-covered cookies from this local place called Kika’s Treats).

Blue BottleKikas Treats

The real fun began after I got home. I had seen online that Martha Stewart has a whole line of kitchen stickers at Staples, and I couldn’t wait to check them out at the store. (I am an aspirational organizer – always dreaming about getting organized, if not actually getting there). It was even cuter than I had imagined. Not only were the labels removable, but they were dishwasher and freezer safe! It was too good to be true.

Martha Stickers

After a couple hours of hard work, I successfully transformed the spice rack. (The project took a little longer because some of the spice bottles had irregularly-shaped lids.) Finally, no more fumbling for spices! Yay!

Martha Stickers - Spices


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