Happy New Year!

Wow, my last post was from 2013. So much has changed. It is time to get back into writing!

Writing application essays in the last few weeks has made me realize how rusty I am. Writer’s block is real. As with any craft, lack of use results in weakened skills. 2019 will be the year I reapply myself.


Unconventional Education – “Hackschooling”?

Saw this video today, which was both impressive and inspiring (can’t believe this kid is a 13-year-old giving a TEDx talk). It really made me wonder about the traditional education system. Are we really killing creativity? On the one hand, motivated and self-guided learning is great. But on the other hand, would we be creating kids who cannot “fit in” within the predefined boundaries of society? Are parents doing their kids a disservice by not properly equipping them with the tools to survive in a conventional world?